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Welcome to Lan D. VeGenesist

Greetings and Good Health!

I am Lan D. VeGenesist – also known as Lan Tait!

Of course “Lan D. VeGenesist” is a misnomer for Lan the VeGenesist!

I consider myself a VeGenesist because I am following the Path of the VeGenesis Lifestyle. VeGenesis is simply VeGan according to Genesis!  You might notice that Vegan starts with VeG and yes – that is a clue to one aspect!  We eat Vegetables!  “VeG Life” or “VeG” is how some people abbreviate VeGenesis Lifestyle.  I do not mind at all people calling me a VeG!

However the VeGenesis Lifestyle is so much more that just what we eat.  Living a VeG Life is “Living by Design!” Some people never consider that there is a design for the way we live – including what we eat.  I gave much thought to diets and food and healing – but not much thought at all that there was a design for us – a design for our lives!

In 2007 I received the best bad news of my life!

I had been sick and felt I was dying.  I was bed ridden for six months.  I weighed 528 pounds!  I was ALWAYS hungry.  What does it mean to be always hungry?  Try eating two family size Pizzas with everything! Plus two pans of Lasagna, and 3-4 desserts and a half gallon to a gallon of soft-drinks and leaving the pizza parlor still hungry – Always Hungry! Hunger that will not go away!

The “bad” news is that I have Celiac Disease.  You get it in your genes from one of your parents, who got it from one of their parents! Gluten triggers all kinds of nasty things in the body due to 13 genes – any of which can get you Celiac.  Gluten comes from wheat, barley and rye and is in about every packaged food product in the Philippines.

The good news is that to avoid gluten I needed to buy food without a package!  Yeap, fruits and veggies! I soon found out that gluten is injected into some meats to make it more tender and profitable.  In fact – all I found out led me to wonder why anyone would eat gluten – Celiac or not!

A random Bible study about Noah’s Ark was an eye opener… God cursed people with the flood and with having to eat flesh along with green food!  Green Food – Fyuel for humans to consume, was mainly our original design.  The English Bible says “food” but the original Hebrew Bible word God used actually means “fuel!”

Fyuel – “For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!”

Fyuel is the way fuel is spelled in NuEnglish!  Perfect!  Fyuel is food we are designed to eat!  Eating by design!

Picotoxins – “The opposite of Fyuel!”

I asked my wife what was the opposite of food, she answered with just one word – “Poison!”  The true opposite of human Fyuel was some kind of poison – but poison kills people.  Exactly!

Live Food Makes Live Bodies!
Dead Food Makes Dead Bodies!

The food we are to eat by God’s design is alive, Living Fyuel! It has living enzymes and also toxic barriers!  We are protected from the bad stuff!  But when you denature food – that is cooking or processing beyond cutting or smashing – you destroy the enzymes!

You eat the rotting corpses of their bodies!

Ok, I am talking about enzymes and they are so small you cannot see them.  However, instead of the enzymes helping us digest the Fyuel they know best from their birth in it (they were formed as a part of the Fyuel) – we are now eating their tiny dead bodies!  Yuck!

Not only that, when we cook food, we destroy much of what our bodies need in the way of nutrition.  Plus the broken down cell walls (that is what cooking is for!) – cell walls that before cooking protected us from absorbing the bad stuff – now become bad stuff!  More dead cell bodies in your cooked food!  Yuck!

Cooking Carbohydrates or “Cooked Carbs”  are a known killer!  Stuff like potatoes and rice and corn all contain known carcinogens – those tiny little pest that help us attract cancer!  Why would anyone want to feast on dead corpses and cancer!

These are all tiny little toxins – poisons that kill us slowly.  That slow death can be called Picotoxemia.  Pico means 1/trillionth in size and toxemia is the build up of toxins in our body till we are dead or near dead – like I was!

Picotoxemia is the build up of these tiny Picotoxins!  Picotoxins are in fact the opposite of Fyuel.

So food can be divided into these two categories – Picotoxins and Fyuel.

Fyuel feeds the body so we can fight off the disease!
feed the disease so it can fight our body!

Vietnam War – During the Vietnam War the US Congress was angry with the US President.  In an attempt to force a troop withdrawal, the US Congress voted to stop funding for bullets!  How can you fight a war without bullets?  Someone said if they stopped supplying bullets to the American Troops is was really like supplying the Vietcong Troops with extra bullets!  Hold that picture in your mind…

Fyuel is the bullets for the Body to fight Disease.
are the bullets for the Disease to fight the Body!

We are designed to eat Fyuel and avoid Picotoxins.

The VeGenesis Lifestyle is some much more than just what to eat.  For example Picotoxins can actually be produced in our own body due to bad relationships, work or business, and lack of movement!  Some think that uncooked or Raw Vegan food is good – and it is better food – but plant embryos are also toxic.  In fact, plan embryos account for the majority of deaths due to food allergies.

Even Eating GLAD Fyuel and avoiding SAD Picotoxins is not enough – we should follow a simple guide to eating the right food. The RAW118 Human Fyuel plan is just the guide a person needs For Your Optimum Earthly Life!

So that is a quick overview of what the Lan the VeGenesist blog will be all about!  Mainly it is my journey as a VeGenesist.

Life By Design,


PS I have a whole list of things I have kicked out of my life.  I call this…
“The Philippine Cure!”

Very High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Disease
An Enlarged Heart
Celiac Disease
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Intestinal Permeability
Super High “Bad” Cholesterol
“Off the Charts” Triglycerides
Morbid Obesity (528lbs)
Inoperable Brain Aneurysm
Heart Disease

Blurred vision
Teeth that hurt and broke
Painfully swollen feet
Sores that would not heal

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