This Website is about the journey of aLan Tait (Lan) as the VeGenesist!

Hence, the misnomer, Lan D. VeGenesist! (Lan the VeGenesist)

I plan to show the benefit of living a VeGenesis Lifestyle and how it has changed my life…

Until I can get more on this page please view my first post…

This is a journey, not a destination. This site is about the journey into the human design. Here you will read my mistakes, my experiments, my doubts and my failures. Of course when you “dare to fail”, as the popular book series by Mr. Billi Lim indicates, you are also more likely to have success!

It is my goal here to show my human side. I am not a guru or a master or a teacher. I am a guy! I am not perfect or all knowledgeable or an expert at every aspect of an ideal life. I am just a guy!

What I am is a researcher, looking for the truth.

Actually I am a damn good researcher (am I allowed to say that in a blog?). Notice there is no adjective before researcher. I did not say medical researcher, legal researcher, computer researcher. Actually, I think a researcher is a kin to a detective. Or a Starship Captain! You have to develop methods of picking out and then identifying the TRUTH! It is the truth that drives all research!

I believe truth and design exist. Truth therefore must have a standard. Please do not shut down when you read that I believe truth exist in the ORIGINAL Scripture. It you want you can call that the Bible, but I really do not much care for that term. I also want to note that I said the “Original” Scripture. That is not written in English or in any one language!

The primary design for this lifestyle (I’d like to stress it is a lifestyle, not a religion) is the first nine chapters of Genesis. Most religions have a story similar to this. Hebrews (Jews), Islams (Muslims) and Christians all accept to some degree the creation story of Genesis that carries our basis for design (even Hindu, Buddhist and others accept the basic premises). We find some inspiration all the way up to the “curse” on mankind that resulted in people eating flesh. Truly eating things that are cooked and animal products are a “curse” on mankind. Nonetheless, by this point in Genesis Chapter Nine, no one had even thought of cooking food! Oh my God Mable, cover your eyes!

Am I a religious fanatic? No, I do not think so, at least not anymore! As I update this, we are less than a month away from 2011. The last time I “went to church” was in 2008, so I am pretty sure I am not a religious fanatic because it is about 3 years since I last decided to “go to church!”

If you want to follow the VeGenesis Lifestyle and go to Pathi, Church, Masjid, Mosque, Vihara, Synagogue, Kingdom Hall, Basilica, Temple, Derasar or whatever place your religion takes leads you to, please feel free to do so. Living a VeGenesis Lifestyle is NOT about religion.

Am I a Christian? I do not make that claim, at least not anymore!

Do I believe in “Jesus”? Wow… Do you? Historically, the Scripture (“Bible”) was written in Hebrew and Greek. Both of these languages do not have the English “J” sound as in Jesus – so there was no Jesus in the Original Scripture!

“Jesus” was invented in the so called Daniel Case New Testament in only 1729. Who was this guy Daniel Case? What is known about him is very little. He was a Presbyterian Minister. He wrote this New Testament. He published it both secretly and autonomously! He tried to hide the fact that he wrote it. In fact, a hundred years later, when “Jesus” was accepted into the main stream religion, most people did not know Daniel Case was the author of that New Testament! To this day, Case’ deception is still not well known by most! Beyond being Presbyterian, some say Case was a Free Mason and a “pre-illuminate” whatever that may be. Not much else is knows about the secretive man who put “Jesus” in the Bible!

For those who love the 1611 King James Bible, it does not contain the name Jesus! That was changed in a revision after the Daniel Case New Testament influenced a number of other Bibles. If you believe the 1611 King James Bible was in someway translated by holy men that were inspired by God. Then you should know that all those people were already dead at the time of the revision that added “Jesus” to the Kings Bible. These are historical facts that are easy to prove (example, Daniel Case was the first to use Jesus 118 years after the 1611 King James. It was still later that a King James Revision (one of 13) was released that included the name.).

The name Yeshua, spelled יֵשׁוּעַ (Yēšūă‘) or ישוע (without added vowel points) in Hebrew, does appear in the Original Scripture. The meaning of Yeshua is “Yahweh delivers (or rescues)”.

Likewise, in the Original Greek Scriptures, Ἰησοῦς (Iēsoûs) was used. Ἰησοῦς (Iēsoûs) is itself a Hellenisation of the Hebrew-Aramaic יֵשׁוּעַ (Yēšûă‘ or Yeshua) above.

So Yeshua is in the Original Scriptures and Jesus is not. Do I believe in Yeshua, yes.


Is this about religion? NO! As I said, it is about DESIGN!

Will the VeGenesis Lifestyle work for those who believe in…
Islam? Yes! It is Halal!
Muslim? Of course!
Hindu? Definitely!
Hebrew (Jewish)? It is Kosher!
Buddhist, positively!
Christian – sure, it even works for Christians!
Or Anybody Else!

The VeGenesis Lifestyle draws on old wisdom to find Design. Although Yeshua was a main figure in history, Islam, Jewish and many other religions speak about the wisdom of Yeshua, yet this is not even really about him. Although he is a figure worth studying! This is about the origins of Human Beings. Genesis actually means Origins, so we feel it is appropriate to look into the oldest writing and wisdom on the subject of our human Origin and Beginning and Design.

The VeGenesis Lifestyle is Living by Design! Therefore, I am…

Lan D. VeGenesist