Lan D. VeGenesist

Living the VeGenesis Lifestyle! RAW118 Human Fyuel ~ Life by Design!



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    The Grand Experiment!

    On my journey into the VeGenesis Lifestyle, I had what I used to call an “Oops” day. I now actually consider these as experiments! Before they were oops because I had “fell off the wagon” and ate something that was either cooked or animal. After all, I was “Raw Vegan” and eating a RAW118 Human […]

    Welcome to Lan D. VeGenesist

    Greetings and Good Health!

    I am Lan D. VeGenesist – also known as Lan Tait!

    Of course “Lan D. VeGenesist” is a misnomer for Lan the VeGenesist!

    I consider myself a VeGenesist because I am following the Path of the VeGenesis Lifestyle. VeGenesis is simply VeGan according to Genesis! You might notice that Vegan starts […]