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The Grand Experiment!

On my journey into the VeGenesis Lifestyle, I had what I used to call an “Oops” day. I now actually consider these as experiments! Before they were oops because I had “fell off the wagon” and ate something that was either cooked or animal. After all, I was “Raw Vegan” and eating a RAW118 Human Fyuel Plan, right?

Well, I have matured a little. I realize that NO one consumes 100% Raw. I doubt if anyone could actually claim to consume 100% Fyuel! When you consider anything that comes in a package (like water?), or anything that is a pill or power, or anything you buy at all, including the seeds you buy and plant, it seems very obvious that we cannot be perfectly “Raw Vegan” – or anything else we can brag about!

Besides that, I think most people evolve. When I say evolve, I think that we are influenced to do one thing or another. Are you eating your 30 bananas a day? Did you eat that yummy nut based dessert? Are you really on a raw food diet, 80-10-10, 811rv, 811LFRV, 118, RAW118 or 129? Are you following Start New or New Start? Or whatever your favorite program is? Are you really doing it 100% and how do you measure 100% Raw?

Are you a 100% Raw Family, High Raw or on a Hallelujah Diet? Are you eating 100% Super Foods so you can be 100% Super Hero? Are you a 40 year old teenager, or a raw food chef or raw restaurant owner who has a raw or uncooked book? Or do you follow one of the many experts who all claim to be the FIRST person with their wisdom and insight and of course divine right to be the most respected and have the #1 best selling raw book? (Can a book actually be Raw?)

I guess my point is that no one is actually 100% raw who has ever used an Internet connection (I think that includes you!).

The Grand Experiment!

I have called this The Grand Experiment because today is the first time I am really trying an experiment to see if I can make myself feel worse!

Today is not an oops day! Today was carefully planned. A real experiment.

Last night Honeybun and I bought a pound (454 g) of brown rice noodles, because I have Celiac Disease I was still avoiding gluten. We bought gluten free spaghetti sauce too! We added a can of cut corn, a can of green beens, a can of mushrooms, plus 250 g of cottage cheese, 200 g of hard cheddar cheese, and half a kilo of beef. We ate chocolate bars for dessert!

Believe it or not, we actually ate this while watching a movie and we did not die!

Immediately we both had belly aches. Actually the best I can describe it is that if felt like I had eaten a couple kilos of rocks! Within a couple hours I had a real headache coming on and my temperature climbed from a nice cool 35.5 to a hot 38! I had already considered that 37 (98.6 for Americans) was actually a fever induced by the food we consume and that it is just an average of sick people! A normal or average for a person on the SAD or Suicide (Standard?) Asian Diet!

Eating what we should not eat is like our own personal global warming!

I was not feeling to well so I went to bed.

By morning I had a splitting headache. A painful gout flareup on my toe and heal too! My blood pressure that had been 110/70 while walking a lot in the mall yesterday, had shot up to 135/85 while sleeping in my bed… Not good!

I can feel the first signs of angina in my chest – it is a bit tight. The fat load I suspect has caused this.

Honeybun said there are swollen bags under my eyes. My lips are also puffy and sore. Skin seems to be pealing off of me everywhere! I first noticed it in my ears. Both in my ear channel and also behind my ears. But really I am pealing everywhere all of a sudden. I think maybe my sweat has something to do with that. I started to sweat last night and I am still sweating. The best I can describe it, it smells like a gar of old urine, sprayed all over my body! Yuck!

All my joints are hurting. My teeth and jaw hurt also. My mussels feel like they are all stoved up and won’t move. Remember, this was only one meal and what most people would consider a healthy meal.

My vision is blurry, it feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my right eye. It is difficult to think of constipated on what I am doing. I am constipated and dehydrated – no urine – even though I had a lot to drink with my dinner and this morning.

I drank a liter of water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda in it – to help with the gout. So now I am taking medication because of what I ate. Food and medicine, medicine and food… Remind you of anyone?

One PM – I’m so uncomfortable. Today is a total loss for anything other than being sick because of the food I ate. Earlier I drank some herbal cleansing tea. I feel as though this could go on for days. In times past what I put in my mouth could take more than a week to pass through. This thought is really scary so I have decided to cook a batch of brown rice and beans to push the pasta, meat and cheese. More cooked food!

After the rice and beans I will try to force high fiber raw fruits and veggies for a couple days… Trying to get back to where I want to be.

I really think that is what the important lesson in this Experiment. Learning what I want, and where I want to me.

It reminded me of a man I worked with long ago. He only ate meat. That is it. He really hated anything else. I once commented that if he kept eating the way he did, he would not live to be 25! His reply shocked me, he simply said, “Good, I want to die before then anyway!” He was a strong, seemingly healthy young man. One day he did not bring his service truck back to the yard, so we went looking for him. He had died of a massive heart attack at age 24. He got exactly what he wanted!

I feel terrible. However, this experiment was a grand success! The main reason is because I feel more powerful. More able to see myself in control of the oops! The next time I am tempted, I think I will be better prepared to make a choice, rather than make an oops! After all, everything we do is a choice. It effects our lives. Good or bad is really not the issue. It effects our lived!

That is the main point of this experiment. To demonstrate once and for all time that there really is no oops at all. In everything we do, we have a choice!

I Have A Choice!

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